A lighter take on meatballs!
A lighter take on meatballs!

Date & Quinoa Balls

Very healthy (and super yum!) between-meal snack. Read More

Pumpkin & Walnut Balls

These are great rolled up with salad in a wrap. Read More

Green Tea Smoothie

Remember to pop your banana in the freezer the night before! Read More





Apple & Pear Clafoutis

A quick and delicious dessert, perfect for dinner parties. Read More

Grilled Pumpkin & Haloumi Salad

Perfect 'bring a plate' salad! Read More

Sunflower Coriander Slaw

Super simple, super delicious! Read More

Raspberry & Chocolate Swiss Roll

Timing is everything with this decadent dessert. Read More

Massaman Tofu Wrap

Fresh and full of flavour. Read More

Silverbeet rolls with Chicken & Mango

This fresh summer roll is perfect for picnics. Read More

Pistachio Cake with White Chocolate Raspberries

We make-over a truly decadent Heston Blumenthal dessert! Read More

Beetroot & Buckwheat Salad

This great salad uses the WHOLE beetroot! Read More

Banana Crunchy Top Muffins

Delicious and fail-safe! Read More

Vegan Berry & White Choc Cheesecake

This amazing cheese-free 'cheesecake' is so rich and creamy, only a small slice is needed. Read More

Crustless Tofu Quiche

This vegan treat is delicious at any time of day! Read More

Quinoa Breakfast Bar

Perfect 'On the Run' breakfast! Read More
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