Can you be too healthy?

Can you be too healthy?

by Dr Tickell

It depends on how eager you are to do everything that comes your way in the "health space".

I listened to Bill Gates speak when I was in America recently. He is arguably the second richest person on earth. He says that IT has brought to us a lot of benefits but the unbelievable explosion has also caused challenges.

He was reported as pointing out that he believes you only need to check your emails at around 9.30 to 10.30 am and then again between 4 and 4.30 pm to "do business".

Sitting in front of a screen for up to 18 hours a day can and does cause social problems, stress problems, medical problems, and can potentially fill your life with trivia. We 'overload' on information.

Computers are wrecking children's active life and this is certain to lead to a shortened life expectancy for generations; our children and our grandchildren. That is, life expectancy has possibly peaked and for the first time in history, life expectancy may start to go backwards.

To be healthy, simple is best.

The most common greeting today is "How are you?"
The usual answer is  "Oh, not too bad" or "Not bad".

Why not start with "Hey, great day" or "Nice shirt you're wearing" or "What's happening? " or "You look well!"

Most people who think they are well or say they are well perhaps could have a closer look in the mirror. If on a scale of zero to 100, you accept that zero is "sick" and 100 is "well", most people would be in the range of 30 to 60. That is, most people live a lot closer to 'sick' than 'well'.

If you eat mainly natural, low human intervention (HI) food, you are well on the way to being "well".

HI is the Human Interference level - how much has a human being interfered with your food? I invented HI to replace  GI (glycaemic index) because GI is too complicated and only one-third of food you eat has a GI.

I'll say it again. Most people love to complicate things and often, sticking to complicated instructions and practices doesn't work for very long! Countless numbers of people put back the weight they have lost (over 90%) because their life is too complicated and they have too much conflicting or confusing advice.

Please, no more detoxes or diets!

The other day I read about a plan to 'detox' your body. In Week 1, it gave you instructions about how to detox your LIVER and then in Week 2, your KIDNEYS and then in week 3 you detox your SKIN then LUNGS, then LYMPH, then BOWEL!

They seemed to have forgotten the two most important organs in your body, the two organs that keep it alive: your HEART and your BRAIN!

My point is: The SKIN week says eat parsley, garlic, sweet potato, fish, ginger, carrots and oats and drink beetroot juice. But those things make everything in your body work better, not just your skin!
For the LUNGS week, eat pumpkin, avocado and olive oil and drink 'berries' juice. Again, those things go well for all your body bits, not just your lungs.
In Week 5, they talk about the LYMPH detox: "The lymphatic system is not strictly involved." Of course it is!

The lymph vessels are part of the sewerage system of the body. Miles and miles (kilometres in Australia) of these vessels take the nasty toxins and poisons from the tissues back to the cleaning out machines (your liver and kidneys). So, yes, the lymph system definitely is involved!

Another example of overload is "The Liver Cleansing Diet."

It was a 'best-seller' because people wanted to clean their liver. Yes, they drink too much booze and eat too much bad food.

The book could have been titled "The Eyeball Cleansing Diet" or "The Ovary Cleansing Diet" or "The Fingernail Cleansing Diet" because when you eat well and move well, it cleans everything out!

And we believe those crazy High Protein Diets that American 'scientists' invented that tell you to fill up on lots of meat and cheese and bacon and cream (animal protein and animal fat); the EXACT OPPOSITE to what the healthiest, longest living races of people in the world eat.

America invented high protein diets and we in Australia blindly followed.

There is NO CANCER SOCIETY in the world that tells you to eat more red meat; they suggest you eat less, not more.

My golly, I am so confused at this stage - please go back to basics and GET IT SIMPLE.  Stop complicating our lives please!
Don't 'overload' on too much information.


Take a deep breathe! Go for a walk,  swim, eat some clean, natural food with no hormones and no preservatives to "improve the shelf life". I'll guarantee that it's not going to improve YOUR shelf life.

And HUG a loved one every day.




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