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Karla's space

posts: 11

posted: 11 Jun, 2012 07:55:57 AM

Re: Karla's space

Hi Karla

Although I rately post I have been reading your posts since MKC and I certainly missed you.  I hope everything works out for you in the new environment and once again look forward to your posts.


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posted: 12 Jun, 2012 01:08:26 PM

Re: Karla's space

@Mary, pumpkin soup is easy!! Pumpkin choped into pieces, a chopped onion and potatoes, almost as much as the pumpkin but not quite. Pour over the chicken stock til it almost covers the vegies and boil til soft. Make sure your pumpkin pieces are bigger than your potato pieces cos potato cooks much more quickly! When it's all soft, blend it til it is smooth and then add cream/evaporated milk or what ever you like and salt and pepper, and a pinch of nutmeg!

@Anne, it's really nice to know that people enjoy me ahaha!!!

I went to playgroup this morning and found it to be a really lovely bunch of young mums with kids my age!! I loved it, and I will be trying their church on Sunday too. It's so nice to make new friends and feel comfortable in a new place.

Happy to report that I weighed in this morning at 112.6kgs, back to where I was and time to move past that :)
posts: 88

posted: 12 Jun, 2012 01:13:46 PM
modifed: 12 Jun, 2012 01:15:34 PM

Re: Karla's space

Hi Karla
Thanks for recipe.  With the chicken stock, do you make your own, buy it in the tetra packs or use a Massel stock powder?
I also tried a Leek and Potato recipe, I think you posted that one too?
So glad you are settling in and your weight is settling down.
Do you live in Melbourne?  If so it must be pretty chilly there.

Forum Regular
posts: 158

posted: 12 Jun, 2012 02:01:33 PM

Re: Karla's space

Hi Karla!

Good work on getting back to your pre move weight Karla.

I unfortunately am not doing so well.  I was really hoping to keep my weight gain to a minimum, however, have already put on 8kg and only half way through the pregnancy :(

Oh well, bub will be worth it!!

Glad you found a nice bunch of girls.  I had playgroup today and was on morning tea (made a terribly bad for you Choc Cherry slice, but sooo yummy).  The playgroup I go to is not my local one, but the one I used to go to before I moved.  However, it only takes 25 mins to get there and I really didn't enjoy the local one the times I went, so thought I would stick with a group that I liked!!

Good to see you back :)

posts: 82

posted: 12 Jun, 2012 02:39:51 PM

Re: Karla's space

KARLA YOUR STILL HERE!!! I was just thikng about u the other day but i remember you had said you were moving house.

Good to hear things are improving for you ie playgroup and back to weight before the move. So good to hear. 

Keep up the hard work honey!!! You know you have lots of support on here.

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posts: 184

posted: 12 Jun, 2012 04:03:36 PM

Re: Karla's space

@Mary, yup the Leek and Potato soup was mine too. I do love my soups!! And yep I do live in Melbourne! I just put my heater on cos I noticed that my poor bub was breathing steam LOL!!!! Much prefer this to the heat though :)

@Beth I didn't put even 1kg on with Lorelai, and put 10 on with Hayden. I always thought that pregnancy would be great cos I had an excuse to be fat and eat whatever I wanted... then I got gestational diabetes and that all changed. I hated having these restrictions on me!!! It made my pregnancies absolute nightmares. Oh well, it's over now.

@bdancer, I'm here!! I hope that you are doing well! How is the online dating going dear?? I think I saw that thread just before I went awol... Hahaha!
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