The importance of flexibility

The importance of flexibility

by Emily Boylin

You might associate stretching with the end of an exercise session or a quick five minutes as you’re catching your breath. But stretching is really important in maintaining a healthy and fit body and I would encourage it as much as possible.

Why should we stretch?
1. To improve flexibility: muscles and connective tissue can shorten over time and that can result in less flexibility. By stretching and lengthening through the muscles we can avoid this.

2. To reduce the risk of injury: when muscles haven’t been used in a while they can become weak and stiff. Using muscles in that condition can result in injury very easily.  By stretching on a regular basis we can minimize the risk of injury.

3. To maximize the range of motion in joints: this allows us to use our muscles to their full capacity. If we have little range of motion in our joints, our muscles are used in a shorter length range. By stretching and increasing the range of motion in our joints, we can use muscles during exercise to their full length and potential.

To improve your flexibility you can complete the stretches program on the Weigh It Up website not only after your workout, but on a regular basis too.

You can also try a Yoga class – if you’re a beginner to Yoga, start slow and with a class suited to your level. Most Yoga instructors will be able to recommend the right session for you.




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